Exciting Activities in Bethlehem

Exciting Activities in BethlehemA special activity for children suffering from cancer took place in Bethlehem. Around 60 children who are cancer patients enjoyed a day of fun and laughter. This encouraged them and made them forget their suffering for a few hours. Keep them in your prayers.

At the Catholic Church in Bet Jala, we arranged an open medical day. Around 200 people attended this day, and Dr’s gave patients free checkups and advice. At the end of the event, Father Shomali prayed over the sick. 180 booklets of God is Our Refuge and Hope was freely distributed.

Also in Bethlehem, we shared the story of the “Resurrection”. 120 children listened to the story and received coloring books for Easter. During the same period, a group of volunteers performed a dramatic play on the “Passion of Christ – Life from Death”. The play was performed on campus at Bethlehem University, were more than 200 people attended the heart-moving play, and were reminded of the price Jesus paid on the cross.

At the YMCA in Bet Sahour, we gathered around 60 women in celebration of “Women’s Day”. The program contained spiritual significance, and at the end 55 women requested Bibles!

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  1. Bhavana

    A year is a long time to focus on one book. I could be tempted to spend a year on:1. The Psalms. The Psalms are a deptiiscron of what it means to live life in God’s Kingdom, through the good and the bad. Jesus’ teaching seems to be very formed by the Psalms. Good formation for a congregation as well. 2. Any gospel. Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, I’ll go with Matthew. The 5 teaching sections in Matthew provide a natural way to cover both the power of Jesus’ life and the content of his teaching. And it would be difficult to spend to much time teaching the Sermon on the Mount.3. Romans. Paul’s longest and most detailed argument. And as Wesleyan’s we need to be regularly helping people read Romans 7 in the context of Romans 6 and 8.