Jesus is Risen!

Jesus is Risen!

Jesus is Risen!

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PBS Easter Message – 2013

Easter Blessings to you and your family!

Blessings of Goodness, Peace, Freedom, Security and Faith be upon us all.

Jesus Christ is the reason for this season, and He is the hero and focus of it all.

Long ago, the people of the Old Testament were under the yoke of slavery and bondage.  They were without freedom, honor and independence.  Enslaved to another people, they had had their free will stolen, their rights robbed and their vision obliterated.

Yet, in the very midst of it all, God raised up for this people a savior. A savior who would free them and deliver them from the yoke of bondage, that they might go and worship God.

Perhaps there is strong similarity between what the Hebrew people passed through in times of old and what the Palestinian people are passing through today.

But, God has sent Jesus Christ to save us from our enslavement and deliver us from our bondage and prison that we might be free. God sent Him to restore our honor and free will, and to grant us life in abundance.

Jesus Christ, who took on flesh when He was born in the city of Bethlehem from the Virgin Mary, lived a life without compare. His miracles raised the dead and healed the leprous and lame.  The way He challenged nature and his ability to walk on water proved that He was above nature itself – for He was its very creator and designer.

Though Christ’s suffering identified him with our own life’s struggles and pains, He still stood out as an exemplary model for us to follow.

Even in His death, Christ became the atonement for our sins. He, the righteous one, died for the wicked to give them life and victory.

Finally, Christ’s resurrection affirmed Him to be the hero of both the Old and New Testaments. Yes, forever He is and will be the salvation of all mankind. For, He came to save people from their sins.  Not only people from long ago, He is the savior of every person who comes to Him and calls upon Him.

Our message to you is that Jesus Christ is the symbol of sacrifice and love and the beginning of salvation. So, come to Him that you might receive this salvation and rise with Him in His resurrection.

Christ, who rose from the dead and who is living today, has not and will not forget us!

We Wish You All a Very Happy Easter!

Nashat Filmon

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