Gaza Intervention

In June, the bodies of three Israeli teenagers were found in the West Bank. Israel blamed Hamas for the murders, although the militant group denied any involvement.
As retaliation, Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir was abducted in east Jerusalem and burned to death. Three Israeli suspects later confessed to the crime. Amid the growing tensions, Hamas began firing rockets into Israel, and the Israeli military responded. After a week of escalation, Hamas refused to accept a cease fire, which led the Israel to begin a ground invasion.

Israel’s last ground invasion took place during the Gaza War in January 2009. The brief war, also known as Operation Cast Lead, resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Palestinians.

Today the 31st of July, the war enters its 23-day, making it the longest war that Israel has waged in Gaza. After another bloody day of conflict, the Palestinian body count exceeds 1,400 with more than 7,500 injured. The UNRWA declared that around 220,000 people have taken refuge in 86 schools, while many other thousands took refuge in Public schools and Churches. Many displaced children have developed intestinal, skin or eye diseases due to poor sanitary conditions and spoiled food. The UN confirmed that about 80% of those killed on the Palestinian side were civilians, including women and children.

On the ground, humanitarian agencies are doing their utmost to support the displaced. A call for help has been sent out to the community in Jerusalem and the West Bank; many are donating blankets and pillows. The UNRWA continues its best to deliver food and water, but with the number of refugees being so high, the process of distribution has been dangerous on the life of UNRWA staff. The Red Cross has been intervening in emergency health care such as treating the wounded, sending ambulances across the Gaza strip and bringing truckloads of medical supplies to hospitals.

The Churches in Gaza have opened their doors to receive refugees; around 2,000 have found refuge in the Greek Orthodox and Latin Church. The Bible Society has been in touch on daily bases with workers, volunteers, friends and families in the Gaza strip. Because of the huge need, our intervention is very important, and coordination with other Christian relief organizations has already been established.

Our Intervention

1– Providing food parcels.

2– Providing medicine and aid for sick and wounded individual and those who need medication

3– Distributing blankets and light sleeping bags to displaced people who have lost their homes.

4– Giving children gifts and toys to uplift them from their fears and trauma.

5- Giving hygiene kit mainly for the displaced people.

If you would like to take part in this act of mercy, please contact us.


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