An ecumenical day dedicated to the Bible

A great ecumenical event dedicated to the Bible took place in Bethlehem with the participation of 1,500 Christians together the heads of the various churches of the Holy Land.

Fifteen hundred people from throughout the Holy Land participated in the second edition of the Day for the Bible that was held at the Bethlehem Convention Center on October 17. The initiative was promoted by the Biblical Society for Palestine, a Christian interdenominational association, founded in the nineteenth century that promotes the spreading of Sacred Scripture within the Palestinian community.

Pres., Biblical Society for Palestine
“It a very special day. I consider it a marriage for the Christian Church in Palestine. A marriage of unity, when we all get together and celebrate the Bible and the New Testament that is the symbol of love and brotherhood.”

Director, Biblical Society for Palestine
“One aspect that we want to address is the importance of the Bible in parish ministry. There are also activities that invite families to come back to meet up around the Bible, reading the Word and teaching their children about the importance of family life experienced by the Word of God.”

The leaders of the various Christian churches of the Holy Land presided over the event, which was attended by young people and adults in an atmosphere of brotherhood, in the spirit of Bethlehem. Songs, prayers, talks by experts accompanied the works on the topic of “Your Word is a lamp.. and a light for my path.”

Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem
“The situation is hard, both inside and out. It has become an ongoing intifada; people are concerned; there is no stability. But, despite everything, there meetings like this are taking place. This means that there is faith and that we can gather around the Bible, the Word of God. It is the last refuge, through which we find meaning in our lives, the meaning of all of our problems and suffering, even if it leads us to martyrdom.”

Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church—Bethlehem
“The Bible is the basis of our faith, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is connected with the geography and history of this Holy Land and to salvation history. So, this meeting was greatly significant.”

The high point of the day was the launching of the new Arabic translation of the New Testament for the Orthodox faithful. The project was the result of three years of work by the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem along with the Biblical Society, and 25 thousand copies will not be distributed throughout the Middle East.

H.B. Theophilus III
Greek-Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem
“This new edition was needed; our congregation really needed it. The New Testament that was released today is a witness of the Gospel that brings the Good News of God’s love for man. This is the incarnation of the divine Word, the only one who can save us, protect us, lead us into the light of Truth and into the light of freedom.”

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  1. Ineke Koops

    I should like to recieve an English version of “Jerusalem joins us together”.
    Can you inform me about your “Living Stones” -project?

  2. Ineke Koops

    I should like to recieve an English version of “Jerusalem joins us together”‘
    Can you inform me about your “Living Stones””-project?